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Special opportunity to hike with the creators of the Sufi Trail.


You walk individually but in a group setting, you walk at your own pace, You prepare your own food, You make your own reservations, You put up your own tent.

You make your own travel arrangements to your starting point and from your departure point.

You can join whenever you like and you choose the number of days you want to hike. Total individual freedom.

In case of medical conditions, required medicines you are responsible to take and have the correct medicines for your travel.


Sufi Trail is NOT a travel organization, you travel at your own risk and responsibility. Sufi Trail and the organizing committee will provide the following services as it is.

The organization make sure that your tent and luggage arrives at the designated camp site on time;

The organization provides a contact phone number and a contact person for each area where we walk;

The organization make sure that safety measures are taken by the local authorities;

The organization provides information about the food and accommodation possibilities;

The organization has a basic first aid kit;

The organization has Turkish, English and Dutch-speaking contact persons.

Hike date: 10 may - 19 juni 2021

Maximum number of hiking days: 40

Average hiking day around 20 kilometers.

We will start in Istanbul and hike Sufi Trail to Konya. It’s to promote the pilgrimage lifestyle and also to submerge ourselves into the deeper meaning of the Sufi Trail.

During the 40 Days Sufi Trail hike we will mainly camp outside. The philosophy of this caravan is to revive the old way of travelling on foot, to Rumi in Konya.

As it’s a camping caravan bring your tent, only in big city’s we will have simple accommodations if needed.

Who can join:

Everyone can join the caravan and pays for his/her own daily expenses.

This can be food, accommodation and other personal costs.

You need to have at least basic health conditions.

For mayor calamities and unforeseen problems you are obliged to have a travel- and health insurance valid in Turkey.

What we expect from you when you to join the caravan:

Fee for organization and welcome package € 175,-

Postage is not included.


  • Sufi Trail Passport
  • Sufi Trail Guidebooks
  • Sufi Trail GPX
  • Sufi Trail Patch
  • Sufi Trail T-Shirt
  • Sufi Trail Cap
  • Sufi Trail Postcards
  • Sufi Trail Stickers
  • Sui Trail shopping bag.
  • English, Dutch and Turkish language contact persons and guides

Additionally, €7,50 per day for luggage and tent transportation. You have a separate item where you can order the number of days you walk.

Please send us a separate e-mail with your arrival date, number of dates you want to join, your insurance information, contact person in case of emergency and any additional (Medical) information which might be useful.

Join us to Rumi.

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