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Sufi Trail Passport is part of the Sufi Trail membership. It includes full membership rate for the first year, registration fee, Whatsapp support and Sufi Trail Parende certificate.

Be part of the growing Sufi Trail community of walking and biking enthusiasts. With lots of walking and biking experience in the Netherlands, Western Europe, the Balkans and Turkey?

Become a participant for € 24.95 you are a participant for one calendar year plus the one-off registration fee of € 10.00.

We will then send you the Sufi Trail passport: a personal document, with which you can receive help and discounts from affiliated organizations and entrepreneurs along the Sufi Trail. In the Sufi Trail passport you can also collect stamps along the way, a nice souvenir of your trip!

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Sufi Trail passport includes one year email and Whatsapp support and by finishing your Sufi Trail a Parende certificate!

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